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I'm trying to get a start on a panto collection.  I only have the two free ones that came with my machine (I'm a newbie).  I did my first customer quilt yesterday, and she picked one of those pantos.  I didn't think I would, but I actually quite enjoyed doing it.  Money doesn't grow on trees (as you probably already know), and I would have to probably order a couple a month to slowly build up a collection.  Problem is, every time I order something, I get killed on the shipping.  Does anyone know a good Canadian place to order them from?


We're going to Annaheim, Calif., next week.  Does anyone know if there are places that actually sell pantos off the shelf?  I'd just for once like to buy something and not pay an arm and a leg for shipping.



Empty Nest LAQ

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I don't know about a place in Los Angeles to buy pantographs in person but have you tried http://www.QuiltsComplete.com? They offer free shipping in the U.S. on orders over $50 and I believe some sort of discounted shipping for international orders. You can send Nancy an email and ask. She is usually really good about getting back to you quickly.


http://thequiltedrose.danemcoweb.com/ in San Diego has pantos, online anyway, not sure about in their store but possibly? San Diego is about a two hour drive from Los Angeles and a beautiful place to visit!

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If you will be in the same place for a few days and shipping is cheaper in the US, you could have them shipped to you at the hotel.  A fellow quilter recently ordered something to late for delivery to her before our one-week summer quilt retreat, and the notion came directly to the hotel.  I would just advise the front desk manager that you will be expecting a package.

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I think Willow Leaf Studios is in Canada, and they have beautiful stuff.


Jodi sold Willow Leaf in the last couple of years and now they ship from the US east coast.  Try calling the panto dealers and see if they will combine shipping if you buy several pantos at a time.  Sometimes when you buy online you get charged shipping on each item even though they could come in the same package. 

Many but not all digital patterns have a pdf file that you could print out and then either tape the pages together or trace the pattern on to a roll of banner paper.  If you ever went computerized you would already have the file.



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I subscribe to several pantograph supplier newsletters. They often have sales and free shipping, even to Canada- on occasion.

Canadian Longarm Supplies, Urban Elementz, Sew Thankful, Quilts Complete, Dave Hudson and Willowleaf Studio are just a few suppliers that have a good selection of paper pantos. Matt Sparrow (Edmonton) has a selection that he sells at the studio.

I now check the shipping charge before placing an order. One company charged me $40 to mail 8 pantos whereas another company charged $10 for the same number. Yikes!

Machine quilting shows usually have several vendors selling pantos, it helps to see the scale of the design before you buy.


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