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NQR. Model falls

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Those ridiculously high heels are awful.   Most women I see wearing them can't walk right or even stand up right.   Just silly !   I can barely wear a small 2" heel without my feet and legs aching.   :wacko:   Probably the only people benefiting are the Podiatrists !  haha   It was so funny because she looked so awkward.  Those high fashion models walk like horses anyway.   Such exaggerated steps.   :unsure:

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I often get in trouble for laughing at the wrong time, over the things that could end up tragically.


Between the anchor mens laughter and the ankles that were wobbling before the second fall, really wiped me out.


I could tell so many stories about my laughter.  It's not the fall itself, it is the circumstances before

or in the fall...


Meanwhile, thanks to our Lord, there are you out there who understand.    Church, court, high school class

college class, you name it.  It has happened.


I can still laugh about each incident as I sit here.  LOL, thanks for the giggles that will go on all day as

I think of all the times........


I needed a laugh today..




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