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Can you give me a few ideas for this one?   Client does not want custom.    

She really like my geckos pantograph, and I'm for it - but I think too many geckos may be a bit much?  anyone?

I was thinking maybe an overall wavey 'woodgrain' design without the knots of the wood grain, and maybe a few geckos placed randomly?  


Any other ideas without making it too complicated?    


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I'd do something with a bit of curve to soften it up a bit . . . if you're thinking panto - maybe Ebb and Flow? (from top to bottom in that picture)  or Water world?  I have both those if you want to borrow them just let me know - I'm at Addies in Cochrane and would be happy to share my panto stash.  I've also got a Dave Hudson El Paso - but I think it would compete too much.


Anyway, just my thoughts -



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If the client wants gecko's then I would try to give her what she wants.  Find a thread color that blends the best so the quilting pattern doesn't over power the quilt.  I have used Lounge Lizards from Urban Elementz ( which is a freebie on their site) on a Wheel of Mystery quilt and loved how it looked. I used a very neutral thread so you only notice the pattern when you get up close.  I've attached a few pictures.


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Thanks for your help.   Kathy, I have that panto and that is the one that I showed her.  

Bev - you are so generous to offer to share your pantos. Thank you so much.  I need to swing by one day and come and visit your studio there :-)

I agree about the curves to help break up and soften the lines somewhat.   

I found a great Wonderfil variegated red/orange/yellow thread which blends nicely in the quilt.  


So I gave her a few options, including the ground cover, ebb and flow, and lounge lizard pantos and then one that I sketched free hand (kind of gentle waves kind of like wood grain/fields) with a few geckos placed randomly throughout.  She loves the lounge lizards but when she saw my sketch, she preferred that one the most.   I will quilt it up and show you when its done.   


Thank you again.   I think the boldness and the large scale of the pattern stumped me for a bit, especially because it seems so theme specific as a southwestern style.  

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