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Bundles of Stencils For Sale - SOLD

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I'm working on cleaning out my quilting room! I have a bunch of stencils that are lightly used, and never used. Evidently, I've had a lot of fun buying stencils! I've grouped them by maker, and they are priced at a wonderful bargain. I really don't want to sell them individually. Prices do not include shipping.

Calico Kitten Stencils 20 Stencils for $18.00, plus shipping www.thecalicokitten.com SOLD

Fern Feather Border 4" LD11

Fern Feather Border 5" LD12

Meander Leaves LD3

Fern Feather Wreath 7" LD9

Fern Feather Wreath 9" LD10

Full Feather Border 4 1/2" LD18

Feather Border 5" LD25

Feather Heart 9" LD14

Leafy Feather Border 3 1/2" LD7

Leafy Feather Border 4 1/2" LD8

Leafy Feather Circle 8" LD5

Meandering Leaf Border 2" LD3

Meandering Leaf Border 3" LD4

Feather Wreath with Leaves 7" LD15

Feather Wreath with Leaves 9" LD16

Meandering Leaves 10" LD2

Paisley Meandering 9" LD24

Pathway to Heaven Feather 9" LD20

Sumac Feather Border 4" LD31

Wave Border 2" LD34

Pam Clarke Stencils 15 Stencils for $15.00, plus shipping www.homestitches.com SOLD

Feather Vine NA1946

Hearts and Loops NA 1947

Leaf Border NA 1948

Wave Border NA 1949

Rose Vine NA1954

Feather Square 11" MN1951

Feather Square 9" NA1950

Feather Heart Block NA2092

12" Block NA2091

8" Block NA2105

9" Star Block NA2131

5 x 9 Motif NA2098

Motif NA2125

Heart and Swirl Motif, 2 sizes NA2099

Swirl Motif, 2 sizes NA2100

Sally Terry Stencils 6 Stencils for $5.00, plus shipping www.sallyterry.com SOLD

Terry Twist stencils

6" Multiple (9 patch) with 2" single

6" single

9" multiple (9 patch) with 3" single

9" single

12" multiple (9 patch) with 4" single

12" single

Harriet Hargrave Stencils 10 Stencils for $6.00, plus shipping www.harriethargrave.com SOLD

8" Feather Circle HH1

10" Feather Circle HH30

12" Feather Circle HH46

4" Wave HH47

2" Wave HH18

3 1/4" Motif HH12

7 1/2" Block HH6

2 1/2 Egg and Dart HH16

6" Block HH43

7" Block HH25

I have more to list, so keep your eyes open!



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