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top thread shredding fix

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I have been having problems with top thread occasionally shredding, but not breaking and continuing to sew until the thread is completely shredded. Yesterday, the top thread was shredding, with loose and skipped stitches sporadically throughout the first couple of panto rows. I was using So Fine #50 on top and Bottom line in the bobbin with good quality 80/20 batting. I spent much of the afternoon frogging.

I buffed, cleaned, oiled, checked for burrs, changed needles- new, bigger, smaller, tweaked the tension, and applied Sewer’s Aid without any success.

I searched the forum for advice and watched several of Amy’s APQS instructional videos. I realized that I needed to check and subsequently adjust the encoder wheels, hopping foot height and the needle bar height.

All the directions are shown in the APQS instructional videos section found on the home page website. The adjustments were quick and easy to do and had me back to business with no further top thread shredding, loose or skipped stitch issues. Problem solved, or happy coincidence? Either way, APQS and life is good.


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