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If you're not tired of it yet - my featherlicious quilt is done!!! :)

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Finished!!!  Oh my gawsh I thought I loved the last one - I really love this one too!!!!!!!!  Super proud of it...I'm going to call it featherlicious.  HA!  I think I need a t-shirt that says featherlicious!!!  ;)
If you haven't had enough of me yet - pictures of the finished quilt!  :)
- Valerie



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Thank you Bonnie!!  Oh I wish I got to keep this one, it is a customers quilt.  I have another customer quilt in wait that I'm excited to work on but the thread for it just shipped out today so it'll be a day or two.  I'm going to try and sneak in a little whole cloth between quilts if I can...just a small one that's all marked and ready to go!  :)

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Oh Marci - why can't I just pick you up and move you to Ohio???  You are seriously the best!  Thank you!!  That really means a lot to me.  I feel so much better about my quilting...I can't believe it was only afew months ago I thought I'd never quilt decent feathers on my long arm!  I can't believe what difference practice makes.  It's amazing.  I'm having so much fun too.  Quilting is the BEST job ever!!!  :)


How is your shoulder doing???  You're typeing well I see!  :)

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There are times, like right now, I wish we could get together and have a cuppa, show off our projects and visit a bit. 


Your work is quite scrumptious, and helpful to show other newbies that practice, serious practice that is, can make

a huge difference in the end results.


Congrats on the feathers.. they are wonderful.



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Rita, that means SO much to me!  I wish you were in Ohio - I would love to sit and have coffee with you and chat quilts!  That is a subject I never tire of!!! 


A friend I made through Facebook recently bought an APQS Ultimate 1 because she knew I was getting along well with mine, and she found one for a great price.  It was funny because she was emailing me with the SAME questions I was asking at first!  "What is wrong with this machine?  It must be broken!!  My circles are square!"  LOL  Boy did it knock me down a few pegs when I moved from my domestic to the long arm, and I'm amazed myself at what practice has achieved.  It helps that I did a lot of this kind of work before the long arm, but I was still learning then even, and I still had to relearn to quilt...that was SO frustrating!  But watching the improvement with every quilt has motivated.  I LOVE MY LONG ARM SO VERY MUCH!!!  This is seriously the very best job in the world.  :)

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