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I've come to the experts for some advice. :rolleyes: I know that a picture is worth a thousand I've been playing around with the pictures of the patterns on my website.


Please go to this page and tell me what you like. Black and White, OR a colored pic with a stitched out effect. (Just click on a picture to change it.)


Any other suggestions for how I can improve the functionality of the web site? Personally, I like categories so I can zero in on what I'm looking for, but you might have a different way of looking for a pattern. What is it?



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Finally, I can see the designs! I have looked at so many websites with quilting designs since I purchased my IQ and I can't tell you how many of them don't show on my computer screen. I have to keep enlarging and zooming in to see them. I know my computer is an older laptop, but black lines are really hard to see. I Love your new look :)


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Hi Karen,


A catalog would be wonderful, but with almost 700 patterns and more on the way, I can't even begin to tackle something like that right now. I have no idea where I'd even start or what software would be user friendly and quick to learn for putting together a catalog. Any suggestions?

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I have Art & Stitch and that's how I do the photos for my website. I edit them in Paint to add the text. Will have to look into the catalog thing. Getting the pictures in is one thing, but most people want all the information, including price, as well. This is a VERY time intensive process!

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Hi Darlene-


On your last sample page, I see the blue images better than b&w.  


I miss the magnifying feature when I roll my mouse over a picture.  I hope that isn't gone for good.  It would be nice if the enlarged picture (from holding the cursor over it) would adjust it's location automatically.  When I want to see something enlarged and it's positioned in the middle or at the bottom of the screen, the enlargement shows up below, out of sight.  I have to keep scrolling down to see the enlargement.  It's a small thing, but it would make shopping easier.


I think it's too much work to make a catalog.  I'd rather see more new designs come out than have a catalog.  Being able to show a customer choices isn't that important to me.  :-))


Love your website and love your designs.  Sign me "a happy Trillium shopper".

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