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I quit....again....my profile pic is fuzzy and my quilt pics don't get big when you click on them ,back to quilting for another few months  ,I will continue to stop in briefly as usual ,still waiting for my smart phone to make me smarter ,I am getting good with the like button ,lol ,Happy Quilting !!!

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Beautiful quilting.  Don't give up on posting pictures.  Heidi posted a really good description on how to post pictures a while back.  I don't know the link to her post, so I will try to recap what she said.  If you use a flickr account it's not that hard.  Add your pictures to the flickr website and click on the picture you want to share.  Then click on share at the actions bar.  Grab the HTML/BBCode make sure you have BBCode bubble checked.  You can choose any size picture you want, usually medium works ok.  Copy the code and past it into the reply box on the Forum.  You can copy multiple picture URL's.  You can add a description and space then paste the next one.  Continue to add as many as you'd like.  Remember if somebody clicks on the picture it will take them right to your Flickr account.  Once I have copy and pasted the codes to the forum reply box, I don't click on preview.  I go straight to the post button.  I hope this helps and if I have anything incorrect I hope Heidi will jump in here and set us straight.  lol

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