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I think Doodlebug did this years ago and found that buying pre-wounds was the best way to go. You might do a search and find her "findings." I use them just because they work for me so well. My machine loves Glide bobbins.

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The number of yards of thread that will wind on a bobbin will depend on the weight of thread.  You will be able to wind more finer thread on a bobbin than a heavier thread.  Someone did a test to see how many bobbins would wind with a cone of thread, perhaps it was So Fine or Bottom Line.  I do not recall the end result of the test as to whether there was a significant difference in the number wound vs. prewound with the same yardage,  I love the turbo winder and use it to wind bobbins for my DM, but I use the magna glide bobbins in Millie because I like the results they give me. 


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I was the silly quilter who took the time to wind my own bobbins and find how much thread I could get onto them.


On aluminium bobbins using the turbo winder I could get

86m of Bottomline,

53m of Glide

41m of Omni


It took about 1min and 10 seconds to wind a bobbin.


Prewound L bobbins  

Magna Glide Classics have 130yds

Magna Glide Delights have 72 yards

Bottomline Superbobs have 118yards

Masterpiece have 80 yards


I came to the conclusion if you take into account the time taken to wind your own then using prewounds was better economy.

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