Looking for Quilt Stores on Oahu

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Anyone know of any any big quilt stores on Oahu, Hawaii?  I am going to Honolulu for the weekend (40 class reunion) and thought I would try getting my Hawaiian Sunbonnet quilt pattern in a few stores there.  I know of some fabric stores, but I am looking for quilt stores.  My new quilt pattern has been selling here in Kona ( I have had reorders from the stores here) so I thought since I was going to Honolulu I should try it there. Any idea who I should contact?  Babara, you know of any?


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Funny you should ask, we were there in May and I did some serious shopping.  I googled them, and found several.  seems to be a chain store, but I still found some great stuff there.  Strangely, the one I was least impressed with was the actual quilt shop.  Seemed to be more crafts and less quilt fabric.  The one that looked the scariest from the outside was actually probably my favorite.  I nearly told husband to not bother stopping, I didn't want to get out of the car.  Then I was glad I did.  Great fabrics for even better prices.  If you want store names that we visited, drop me a line, and I'll figure out where we were.

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