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MQX Portland dinner Thursday night-please RSVP here

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So sad I can not make it, as I really was looking forward to meeting everyone...However I am not going to be there because I am going to support my DW who is being honored as Oregon's Outstanding Art Educator of the Year... so that is pretty cool! I will be taking some classes hopefully (I am signed up...we just need to see exactly when we need to leave to hget to where the meeting is...

Sadly I heard MQX will not be in Portland next year but was moving east???I hope it is not true!

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 Thanks! You are right, I would not miss the award ceremony of my Wife's for just about anything!

I am glad to hear that MQX will be back in PDX!

I know you all will have a great Dinner, looks like a lot of fun and a nice place to eat too!

If their soups appeal to you, they are "homemade" daily there...all I have had have been quite good, with the Turkey Curry soup being a personal favorite!

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Hi Linda!  I have a class that ends at 6:00 PM so I'll jaunt over to Lloyds Center Mall directly afterward. I plan on walking (it's only about 5 or so blocks). I am guessing it will take me about 15-20 minutes to get there. So mark me down to be there between 6:15 and 6:30 PM. OK?  Save me a seat!


(love you! and so excited to see you sweetie!)



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Hi Linda and quilting friends,

I am coming to Portland and will be there for the dinner. My husband will probably coming to dinner with me. I hope there is still room. I have a class until 5:00 PM. we just made arrangements today and I can't wait!!!

See you at MQX,



Hi Heather. I will be calling the restaurant tomorrow to see what the maximum capacity is for the room. Even if there isn't room there, the restaurant will be happy to seat you in the main area and you can come and meet everyone even if there aren't seats available. I'll find out the final count and post soon.

What a great turnout!

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I am feeling so blue that I won't be able to be there this year. I know you will have a wonderful time and learn loads. I'll be teaching at a retreat that weekend so think of me. I really look forward to pics and stories to be posted when all is done.

I will definately be there for the next one, I think it will be two years though.

Love you all,


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