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How long to install quilt path

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Shirley, a lot depends on how mechanical you are.  The first step (I think - it's been almost a year) is to mount the table motor and idler, which means taking apart each corner of your table in turn - not hard, but you have to be comfortable with a wrench and socket.  Your back rollers will have to come off to remove your head and swap carriages, but again, it's not hard.  It will be helpful to have an extra set of hands around....  After that, it's just following the instructions as to where to plug in what.  You might want to call and talk to Dawn - she'll be able to give you a better idea how fast the newest version of the hardware installs.  Have fun!  A friend and I are busy QPing even now, on an Irish Chain top.  Fun, but hard to sit with hands off and not lean on the table......

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Well they were getting ready to ship it and should have it next week sometime. I had to be out of town to take care of some things for my mother, so I had it shipped to my daughters house in case I hadn't got back before it arrived. I didn't want it to sit outside until hubby got home and if he remembered to look for it. It isn't motorcycle parts after all.


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