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This is what I chose for my spiral lone star and I don't think I'm going to have enough to do the mariner's compass corners. I really don't want to mix and match fabrics.  I really believe the girl cut it short. I have plenty of all the others and I ordered a yard of each when I bought them.


I even have my relatives checking Walmart for some, even though they probably don't have it.

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I bought it in the spring, just for this quilt. I've had it folded up in a plastic tote until I got time to work on it.  I should have checked the measurements when I got them home so I could go back and get more.  I have the center star points pieced and it is going to be gorgeous.

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Thanks. Joann's has one on their website that is that same batiky look yellow, but it has white dragonflies on it.  Not sure how that would look with what I have. I might try to omit the yellow from the outer points and the outer border, but don't know what that will do to my spiral.  Time to get the colored pencils back out and do another mock up.

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