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I spent last weekend in Maumee Ohio at Checkers open house! I can still hardly believe I did it. Since Elmer died I hardly ever leave the house.


Barb (Fastquilts) drove and we spent 2 nights there. We arranged to meet another forum member (Beth Gillies) from Fort Wayne at the open house. I am still kind of shocked that I made the trip and had such a good time. The open house was great and we all 3 spent too much money LOL


I am so appreciative of this forum. From the moment Elmer was diagnosed, you ladies rallied around me with support... the beautiful quilt that was made for us and loved so much by Elmer....all the prayers.... I poured my heart and soul out to or night.  I met Barb on here and it has been a blessing. She just lives a few miles from me. She has helped me through so much. Now there is Beth....full of fun!! She is coming to spend a few days soon so we can all have a play and sew day. She knew I was hunting for 1930's fabric in small cuts....I received a box in the mail today from Beth and it has a block of the month in it. Each block is in a zip bag with the fabric and pattern........all 1930's!!!!!

I may have sold my Millie but I will NEVER leave this forum!

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Each day you have fun, Elmer is dancing or should I say "Dancing on ICE SKATES".  He would want you to have the "Best Day Every Day."   As the saying goes "LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE"; Elmer wants to hear you LAUGH, He knows you will always LOVE HIM, and He wants you to Enjoy Life! Start each day Knowing he is with you and watching over you and is waiting to hear you LAUGH.  So Girl - Go out and enjoy life, Laugh until you hurt and Love every minute and never feel guiltiy.  Elmer would want it that way. 


I am so glad you had a great time.  You deserve it. 

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What fun.  If I had known they were doing that I might have driven up as well.


I'm glad you will never leave us.  I love hearing from you and seeing what kind of mischief you've been up to.






You could always come spend the weekend for a sew/play date. We would love to have you join us! I have room!!!!!

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Thank our Blessing Lord, you are healing, and it's terrific you were able to have fun, enjoy it and the gals.  May that fun

continue.  May your piecing be filled with peace.


Hugs, Lady, you are mending and I can see Elmer just glowing with love at your progress..



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