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YIPPIE I'm done with this one! This took much longer than I expected it to. The background fabric and border fabric were really hard on the eyes to quilt. The plain squares were about 1/4 to 1/2 inch bigger than the pieced squares and I left all the fullness in them as opposed to trying to "even it out" into the pieced squares, as with all the quilting the pieced squares looked bad when I did. Not perfect but the best I could do. And the best part, it's finished. Sad to say, I like the back better than the front. If it was mine, I would have put Bountiful Feathers panto on it and saved about four quilting days  -_-


EDIT: I just want to mention that the feathered wreaths using the Circle Lord templates are so quick and easy to do. It was the rest of the quilt that took me forever and the fact that each block didn't lay flat was a little challenge to keep everything straight and aligned. I love my CL feathered wreath templates!!!




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Thank you  :) . I don't have a black light -- just never purchased one. I turn off most of the lights and just had a shadow of light from the side. The fabric was really dizzying! 


I forgot to mention, for the wreaths I used the Circle Lord Mini Feathers/Spider Web template. I don't think my eyes could have tolerated quilting free-hand wreaths on that fabric! lol

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