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Here's a link to Flickr pics of the latest off the frame. In spite of my issues with stippling, it really was the best choice for behind the flowers. A recent question about how to quilt this lily block had me suggesting CCs in the petals and a circle with rays in the center of the flower. Then this one was next in line without me remembering it. Serendipity! Thanks for looking.





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Sorry Sylvia! I posted before I finished writing!


Very seldom do I mark before loading. I mark it on the frame because it's a mystery to me until I can get it stretched out flat!

Yes, I guess a lot was marked. I draw on the top to decide on a design and then mark all areas the same if I can get to them. The spines of the green running leaves, the spines and separation of the green cornerstones, and the grid for the cream CCs sashing were the main areas marked. The circle in the lily was marked as well. Can't do circles without marks.


My favorite advice to newbies is to become proficient in following a line--whether a stencil, panto, or the print in the fabric. Once you are comfortable with following a line you can do custom by marking the top yourself with templates or freehand.

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LOVE it!  How were the baskets made?  Was that the fabric, was it "woven" did you follow the design?  thanks for sharing!


This was a kit from a class my customer took many years ago. The basket fabric is printed to look woven and I followed the lines in the fabric.

Thanks for all the generous comments!

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