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APQS Quilting Machine System Ultimate I with Regulated Stitch

14 ft. table, Hartley extended base plate, raised edge hopping foot, edgerider wheels, laser, Regulated Stitch, bias tool, 4th rail, thread cutter, 26" X 10 1/2" throat size!


*The Ultimate I was the best Ultimate (comparable to the Millennium in size and for add-on's)


Circle Lord stylus and Swirls boards INCLUDED!

Bias Line Tool for Cross-Hatching INCLUDED!

14 Foot Table, (plexi-glass with optional vinyl) You can Quilt 130"+

Thread cutter (needs to be re-attached) - cut the bobbin thread from the handle!

upgraded Extended Base Plate - Hartley for ruler work

upgraded Raised edge Hopping Foot added (used with rulers)

upgraded Edgerider Wheels - so smooth

Adjustable Laser Light (battery, no cords to deal with) - includes changeable tip size

upgraded Regulated Stitch- large basting stitches to very fine micro-stippling stitches (Intelli-Stitch- $2,950.00)

Single Stitch

Up or Down needle control

Stand alone bobbin winder

Horizontal Channel Lock

Fourth Rail - store batting, load any additional filler


26" X 10 1/2" throat size (you can quilt as far as you can reach!) finish a large design in 1 pass!


*Very Low Usage and runs great!

I bought it in 2008 from a gal who hadn’t used it in years (dusty, buried in corner) and since then I’ve probably done a half dozen quilts a year on it (just for family and friends).  Gear Box repacked, raised sides hopping foot (guide fits against edge of any rulers you want to use), Including the Swirls boards by Circle Lord (this is a favorite!) http://circlelordswirls.blogspot.com/, snap on bias rulers for easy cross-hatching, a couple of acrylic rulers for ruler work, timing set, extra bobbin case (can adjust for those special fun threads) and bobbins, will throw in manual (binder filled with tips and trouble-shooting notes!), extra needles, some 100% cotton thread cones (new), misc thread (some variegated) and a few pantographs to get you started.


$6,500 - less than 1/2 the price of a new system.  (plus shipping if necessary)

Set up to try in West Point, UT (between Ogden and Salt Lake City)

call me at 801-726-5343 or email at ckeindl2atyahoodotcom with any questions!


*Thanks for considering!










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The Ult I Head Box Checklist I have from 4/28/03 from AQPS says the serial No. is 388

I'll have to call and check, I'm sure it's the 90's - that's all I have in my notes.  But we've added the raised edge hopping foot, the including the Hartley extended base, upgraded with Intelli-Stitch, and a laser.


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I'm told it's probably 1991 - BUT, that checklist I have was from when the head was re-built in 2003 and seriously, the gal before me didn't use it (I have photos of where it was) and I've used it very little - as a matter of fact, when they installed the Intelli-Stitch it got a brand new motor.

I'm only considering selling to downsize (rather than try to cut down the table) and for the motor-feed.

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To anyone considering this machine.  Don't be concerned about the age or date of manufacture.  These machines DON'T wear out!  The only difference between this machine and a new one is the ammenities.  This one has been upgraded with an Intellistitch stitch regulator.  That means all the controls including the motor has been replaced.  I don't know when the I/S Turbo was installed, but I don't think that version of the I/S was available until 2004.


If you like the features of this machine then consider buying it.  One made in 2000, or even 2008 won't get you a more dependable machine.  Simply one that is accessorized differently.  I have an Ult2 with I/S, and it is a very good stitch regulation system.  Jim

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I agree wholeheartedly with Jim. My machine is older than this one and it quilts away wonderfully.  This is an excellent machine for not only someone starting out but for someone who also does customer work.  I always hear the comment 'it's good for a newbie', but considering other brand machines out there being sold to start businesses with this machine is far more robust, sturdy, reliable, and smooth operating than most of those.  I truly hope someone jumps right in and purchases this from you, Cathy.  If I had twice the space I'd buy it and bring in a friend who loves to use mine. :)

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Thanks for your comments!  Intelli-stitch was added 1 1/2 years ago!  We went back and forth, should we add it, should we look for something with RS, etc  etc but this is a great machine, so we added it (even though I really would like a 12 ft. table and motor advance), Have so many projects at home, you should see my husband's face when I ask about shortening my table?! 

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Can the computer system be added to this machine?

I know for a fact that you can add the Intelliquilter (often referred to as IQ). The stitch regulation on this machine is made and installed by the same company as the IQ. Check the forum listings and you'll see a forum topic for IQ which has lots of member info about it.

Now, as for putting the new Quilt Path on this machine, I don't know but would also be interested in that answer. As for computerized stitch regulation, the IS is an add on for some of us but is factory installed as original equipment on some brands of long arm. Hope this helps!

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Cathy, I haven't sold anything there, but I actually found my machine on House of Hanson.  A lady (who also used to frequent this forum - she now has an Innova) had posted it there and here both.  I don't know if she posted anywhere else, but I really trusted the site because you do have to pay a fee to advertise there.  For what it's worth!  Good luck!  Sounds like you have a great machine...I LOVE my Ultimate 1!!!  :)

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