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Earlier this summer, before I left the state to care for my mother after her heart attack and subsequent heart surgery, I had this quilt given to me to quilt. The young lady's grandma had made it for her, and she had it stored in her closet for a few years until she met me.  She didn't really care what was done with it because she didn't think it was much of anything.  I think she was wrong!  It has, I admit, been a real pita to quilt due to the borders being much tighter than the blocks in the interior which caused some major c-d-dd-ddd cup stuff going on. :o  :wacko:    Luckily, she was in no hurry and understood I wasn't going to be able to get right to it.  I returned home this past weekend, and finally got it finished (measures 116"x106").  Not my best work, but I'm still having some shoulder weakness since my surgery in May.  But I think it's awful pretty and I hope she's really happy.  :)  Glide and Monopoly on top, Isacord in a dusty lavender for the back.   Thanks for looking!


Before working in all the fullness in the center



After quilting finished before binding




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Thank you all so much for the sweet comments!! I would start "liking" all your comments but I'd run out right away :)  This is one quilt I'm glad to have done (well, I'm binding it right now) and to see her face when she does see it.  Again, thanks you all!  Oh, the border is one I saw a picture of here on the forum that someone did, and I thought it would be a good way to not pull in the borders any more than they were. The stitching is mostly on the diagonals which didn't seem to pull it in any more than it was.  That center, though..... :)

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