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They say you should change it after every quilt.

I change it after every couple or 3 quilts (depending on size) that are quilters cottons.

If I've quilted batiks (which I do a lot) I change after each one.

Unless you're using the needles that are dipped in titanium for extra strength.

I think those last and last.

But I don't use them.

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I'm probably the odd person out here.  I don't change my needle until I see, hear or feel a difference in it.  If it is sewing well and making good stitches then I leave it alone.  I don't see the need to change the needle after every quilt unless it's one of those extraordinary quilts I have seen on here which are very densely quilted.  I can certainly see the need for a needle change with those.  I think batting and fabric type could make a big difference too.  Everyone has a reason why they do or don't change so it will be very interesting to hear the opinions and the logic behind it.  

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I'm a big proponent of changing needles.  I change them for every 8 - 10 hours of sewing on my DSM.  In my George, I use a new needle when I begin each quilt or when I have issues with the stitch quality.  Since I often use several different weights of threads in the same quilt, I might have 2 or 3 different needles of different sizes in rotation on the same quilt.  I don't use the titanium needles in spite of the longer 'lifespan'.  I have heard that they can do tremendous damage to the machine if they break.  I haven't broken a needle yet but don't want to be forced to re-time the machine because of a bent or broken needle.  That's my opinion & logic  :)

Nancy in Tucson

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I don't use the same needle beyond 4-5 lap quilt sizes, more baby quilts,  And usually after a

custom job with lots of stitching.. then 2 normal larger sizes.  


I'm always afraid a needle used more than that will somehow damage the quilt, so listen very carefully

for any change in sound of the machine, stitching etc. 



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