Tennessee Waltz Quilt....suggestions

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I just received the go ahead to go "crazy" with this quilt. It is a beautiful Tennessee Waltz pattern in batiks.

Any suggestions as to how to quilt it? I don't want feathered wreaths in the big areas....this is modern and I am thinking lines, curves and pebbles......

Has anyone quoted one like this and do you ave a picture to show me? I would love some help.

Thanks a bunch


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Hi Monika.

I love this pattern. The large plain block is a longarmers playground!

The fool-the-eye arcs (like a DWR but without curved piecing) can be CCed or have any number of space-filling designs that can be stitched continuously.

For the pinched-square large area between the arcs, how about stitching another pinched square to match, about an inch and a half inside from the edge of the arcs. Make a template for marking if you don't have an arc template that'll work. That results in reducing the quilting area to a smaller pinched square that can be filled with something beautiful. It'll also separate the arcs and make both areas prominent.

Google or look on pinterest for DWR quilts, which have the same shape to fill. I'll load on Flickr some DWR quilts and add a link here for you to look at. My photo capacity here is maxed out.


Here are my Flickr photos. Right click after the first pic to see some more. Most of then are feathers/leaves, and I know you don't want a feathered wreath. Maybe one of them will work for you.



Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

Millennium on Bliss rails--hand-guided


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