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Problem in manual Mode, Machine just stops running

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I am doing a lot of pebbles today and perhaps my freddie is tired.  When in manual mode, she surges and even quits stitching.  I hit the button again and she goes just fine, but she keeps surging.  In SR mode, sometimes the lights slightly flicker, but otherwise she is doing fine.


Yes, i checked all the connections and plugs, this is my brand spanking new 2013 Freedom.  I will check the grounding strap, but hubby put it on and he likes things tight, so I doubt thats it.  Any ideas anyone?  I have many hours of quilting yet to do...thanks a bunch.


PS, yes, I have a surge protector, and have no problem with a steady power feed to anything in my house.


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Check to see if the fuse is in tight. Maybe it is loose and shifting. You said you already checked the rest of the connections, but unplug and plug them all back in. Something might nor have a solid connection. If that doesn't do it call Amy first thing Monday morning.

Good luck.


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