Where has Grasshopper been??

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HI Everyone,


Just an update - we have received a few requests wondering where we are... 


We have missed the forum - but our lives has been topsy turvy--  First Dave had a stroke in February.  It affected his whole left  side, but he had the blood clot busting shot and by that night  he was able to walk and talk.  His left arm and hand took longer and is still recovering.  He has about 50-60 % strength back in his arm and hand.   Other than dealing a few diabetic ulcers on his feet - he is recovering very well. 


On August 5th our oldest daughter was in a car accident.  They had to use the jaws of life and she was taken by Flight for life to the UW Hospital in Madison, WI.  She was "T Boned" by a fellow that ran a stop sign at about 70 miles per hour.  Her entire left side was crushed - she lost her entire left arm - 9 broken ribs, 4 of which needed to have a metal plate put on, collasped lung - broken foot & many other broken bones. She was in the UW Hospital for a month.  She has been moved to a rehab hospital in Chicago.  Dave is staying with her in Chicago, at the Ronald McDonald House.


Her 13 year old daughter is staying with us - Our younger daughter and her 2 yr old son is living with us a well-  we have a house full again!!


Please remember our daughter in your prayers - lots of recovery ahead of her.  So glad she is alive and remarkebly no head injuires!!!


Each day is precious!!


Lots of love,


Jane -- and Grasshopper, too!!

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