Safe product to remove stickers

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Regular vegetable oil will also remove sticky things.  Saturate a paper towel in vegetable oil and rub the sticky spot.  This will remove residue--you will have to follow up with a bit of warm, soapy water to remove the oil.  I work for AnswerLine, an Extension hotline that answers home and family type questions.  We get this question all the time and advise folks to use vegetable oil, WD40, or goo gone.  Any of those should remove the stickers from Millie. 

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Un-Do is much like Goo Gone.. works great, haven't had it affect anything yet.  It even cleaned stickers off the fake leather stuff.. can't think of the name.


Also Elmer's Craft Bond, Sticky Out adhesive remover works quite well,


And Duck  Adhesive remover    has citrus scent. 


We lose one buy another etc.. lol, have 3 and still misplace one.


Good Luck

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