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I am posting this for a fellow longarm quilter. She is stumped as to how to quilt it. She's had it for awhile. Initially when she received it she was told it was for the customer's nephew's wedding. He is in the National Guard. She had said she thought something military/patriotic as the fabric lends itself toward that. The patriotic design has her stumped. If you dont think patriotic we would love to see other suggestions. Any design ideas from you experts? Would love to see ideas. Thanks!



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I realize she wants custom, but you might want to suggest an all over and see what she says.  It is a gorgeous quilt, but custom might get lost on some of those busy fabrics.


If she insists on custom I would do something based on an arc in the red parts, modified CC with a swirl in the blue triangles and line dancing in the printed part.  Borders are so busy that quilting is going to vanish, so do leaves and vines if she wants freehand or piano keys for more structure and geometry.

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This is SCREAMING to be straight lined quilted in the blues/reds!

They don't have to be evenly spaced straight lines.  Meaning... a quarter inch in, do the V shape. Then a quarter inch in, do another V shape.  Skip 3/4" or an inch (cuz I don't know the spacing of the red/blue V shaped areas.... then repeat that 1/4" V shaped straight line.

Clear as mud?


The leafy squares with the small 4 blue triangles around them...you can continue doing some straight line quilting in those small blue triangles...but something curvy needs to be done in the leafy fabric. Know not much will be showing up in that area...but with the stars being punched down, you could even curve cross hatch that leafy fabric!


LOVE the idea of the stars in the white blocks...maybe echoing behind the stars, or small meander to pop the stars up.

Swag the busy leafy border! 

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