For Sale: APQS Millennium with 14' Table

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We've set the Millennium back up so if anyone needs to see it just contact us.


                      Price lowered to: $11,000.00

                                                                                 New email address is:


We are also taking offers.


For Sale: APQS Millennium with 14' Table

Located in SW Minnesota

We are selling our 14’ table and a APQS 2004 Millennium longarm  because of my health. 


Note:   After a three and a half year wait I received an organ transplant.  Due to all the continuing expenses we need to sell our longarm machine.  We've had a reasonable number of calls and emails on it but due to circumstances weren't always able to get back to the inquirer.  We had some offers but some were quite low and others not sure how legit they were.  At this time I am not able to work due to doctor's orders but I'm available for offers, calls, or emails.  The longarm is still set up if anyone would like to see it.  Please continue to the information listed below.  Thank you. 


    My wife traded in an APQS ultimate longarm towards the purchase of a rebuilt Millennium from APQS directly after it had been completely gone thru by them. They told us that it didn’t really need to be gone thru but always go thru them before putting up for sale. We had to wait quite awhile before one was available. When she decided to sell it,  I called APQS and asked if it would be best to have it gone thru before we sold it. First thing they asked was how many hours did we put on it. We told them less than 100 hours (My wife and I estimate between 50 – 70 hours. They said they wouldn’t bother to go thru it unless it had 2,000 hours or more on it. They said it would be a waste of money for us and needless for them to go thru it with that little use. I had it dissembled and boxed up and saran wrapped all the rollers that had cloth on them.
The table is 14’ made to do king size beds, It is the older style table can be adjusted up and down, roller spread, and crank and roller knobs can go on either side. It does not have the hydraulic lift or motorized rollers. It is a very strong table and weights more than the newer ones. My wife did not want the computerized equipment because it seems to take the feeling away but it does have the stitch regulator which my wife really enjoyed. I did label some of the needed locations for reassembly to save time. My original idea was to sell it and deliver and assemble for the buyer. I have some pictures to help with reassembly also.
I was hoping to deliver and assemble for the buyer and it appears most people purchase a machine close to their location.(within a couple state area)We have some extras but not real sure the exact name for some of the items. I was just about to start looking on APQS’s website to get the proper names for each item. We have a bunch of new bobbins, extra new bobbin housings and plenty of Needles. We were asking $12,500.00 for everything and will take offers.  
If you would like to call me you can call my cell phone anytime at 507-530-3336 or email me at   If no answer, please leave a message and I'll get back to you ASAP.  Thank you, Mike Stoks

If you can't get the facebook photo album open, do a request to Mike Stoks on FB, send me an email with your name and I will accept the request. It is already set for public viewing but the site listed doesn't work for everyone.
Additional pictures found at this site:
Hartley Microdrive Handles                                                 Directional Locks
Thread Cutter                                                                      Bobbin Winder
Laser Pointer with upper and lower mounts                        New Needles, 60+
Hartley Flywheel Cover                                                       Stitch Regulator
Fluorescent Light with additional UV Tube                          Single stitch
Extra Bobbin Housings, Bobbins, Pantographs.                 Table rulers


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