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Top thread not pulling bobbin thread up

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Problem Resolved.  Dawn called me and walked me through the timing.  I really just wasn't getting the hook close enough to the needle.  It really does need to touch the needle to make the adjustment work correctly. 


Yeah--I am back in business!!  Thanks again Dawn!!



I just retimed my Millie because I was having problems with skipped stitches.  I realized my needle bar needed to be adjusted downward slightly.  I thought I might have fixed my problems, but I can't get the bobbin thread pulled to the top now. 


I have checked and rechecked the steps involved with timing --The hook finger is just snug enough to hold the basket from spinning, checked proper hook rotation and it is slightly deflecting the needle.  I have watched the video, read the manual.....


Getting frustrated.  I must have missed a step, but I can't figure it out.  Help--anyone have any ideas??  I'd really like to fix my little problem before DH gets home and wants to come to my rescue. 



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Just a tiny bit off with the needle bar height can cause that problem. Its very hard to do that step by yourself because it slips before you can get up from looking at the needle eye position..to tighten the screw to keep it in place. While I can relate to the DH situation sometimes, it really is easier with two people. I've done it alone, but never on the first try.

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Have you tried another bobbin and totally rethreaded the machine ? 


Also, it might be the bobbin is too tight and/or the top thread too loose..just enough

to throw things off.


I'm grasping at ideas here.. trying to think..


Am wondering why you changed the needle bar?  Do you have the new one that can

change feet?  We had to barely adjust ours.. and thats the way it works the best.


Did you by chance use an off brand needle?   Have heard one other say they have

with bad results.


Good luck, and please let us know what the solution is.was??



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I've put a call into Amy for help.  I replaced the tension assembly unit last month after realizing my spring had worn out.  But, have quilted a few quilts since then with no issues.  So don't know if it is related to my current issue. 


I didn't replace the needle bar Rita, just needed to adjust it.  Before I went to bed last night, I double checked everything again.  I must be overlooking something....


Hopefully Amy will come to my rescue.


Thanks for your suggestions.

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