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Thread Keeps Breaking....I'm ready to throw in the towel!

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Peggy, yes, I dip the whole spool, mere minutes before I begin stitching.   We keep an old raggy used hand towel,

or could use a small thin bathtowel, to set the oil jar and the lid on, then a more absorbant piece of terrycloth on hand,

as after I dip the spool, I squeeze it out from the highest part to the lowest, then use the cloth or old wash cloth,. etc

to sort of wring it out.    Do Not forget to dry out the inside of the spool..  l o l,  it does make a mess.  When done squeezing

it out,  oh, 3 or 4 times,  I put it on the machine (I do all this from the non-needle end of Penny, on the table)  so clean up

the mess when I make one, and get the things put away from any quilt areas.


I also thread the machine and needle from the front, then let it set on a paper towel folded, so i can see if any oil is

seeping down the thread, and go wash my hands real well, soap and hot water, and brush under the nails, also.


That is the only worry I have about this, is the possibility of handling a quilt without my hands thoroughly washed.


Come to think of it, I have loads of neostat type gloves, I'm going to start using them and just trash the pair

and not worry about scrubbing the hands, though I will lightly wash them.


Hope this helps, Rita

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I dip problem threads, but I don't submerge them.

I dip it from the top about halfway down.

Then I let it sit over night and gravity brings the oil to the bottom of the cone.

I learned this from a class I took from Sharon Shamber & it really does help.

But, I only use it when I'm having a problem or its a thread that has given me problems in the past.

Sharon does this all the time, I believe.

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