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Special post for Portland 2013 MQX dinner attendees

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Hi quilters!

We have 38 people coming to the dinner on Thursday Oct 10th at Stanford's Lloyd Center!!



You can arrive as early as 5:30 and as late as you want. We have a room, but with separate tables.


It will be easier on the staff if we order soon after we're seated so the orders are staggered into the kitchen. If you arrive early and want to wait for the rest of your group because they have a class until 6 o'clock, that's OK. Separate checks are OK. Google the restaurant to see what they have to offer on the menu.


Lloyd Center is a shopping center that is one stop east of the Convention Center on the Max light rail line. It's walkable if you aren't pooped from a day of classes. There will be volunteers to drive people to their hotel after--just ask me and we'll line something up. It isn't advised to walk back after dark unless you're in a big group.


Please wear your name tags and introduce yourselves to all. Add your user name from the forum if you like and expect to be hugged!  :D


I'm excited to see everyone!

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Linda deserves a huge thank you for all the hard work she has put into organizing this dinner!  I am so looking forward to it and to meeting all my "old friends" from the forum.



I will second that.  Thanks Linda!


FYI, the Fabric Depot will have 30% everything from October 8 -14th.  Just an added bonus for those visiting Portland.

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 When will you be in Portland?


I'm heading down to Portland early tomorrow morning - have to pick up Catherine Wynne (aka Seakitten) at PDX at 11:05 a.m.  I'll be there until Saturday afternoon.  Will you be back from dinner in time for the awards ceremony?  I think it starts at 6.  Or do you go for a later dinner?  Sounds like fun!!

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Hi Barb. We'll be arriving Wednesday morning in time for Cindy's class. I don't think we're going to the awards ceremony on Wednesday night and haven't firmed up plans for dinner yet. I'll look for you on Wednesday. Email me your cell# if you get this message in time. See you soon!

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