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I admit I have been lurking on this forum for umpteen years all the time daring to hope that I might one day own an APQS beauty.  Dreams come true!  My new Millie was delivered in May and it has been a wonderful feeling knowing my girl is there waiting for me any time I want to play.  


A big thank you to all of you for all the detailed information about thread choices, thread tension, batting selection, training videos, learning the business, etc, etc.  You are all such a fabulous group of caring people who hold nothing back when someone has a problem or just wants another point of view.


For many years I quilted with a larger-throat DSM on a frame which gave me the confidence to take the bigger step and purchase the long arm.    I have learned a lot and still have much to learn, but with your help I hope to some day quilt as beautifully as the work I have seen on this site.


Thanks again, Mary

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Hi Mary, Welcome to apqs..


Congrats on your new machine, and the progress you are making.


You can do beautiful work with practice.. on dry erase, or even patio door, or a window.,

then on a quilt.. everyone can do it.


Join in on the chat, show us pictures of your work, they help to show you how you are

progressing, too.


Glad you are with us now..




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Welcome Mary! As I read your message I can hear your smile. I've had my Millie since 2009 and I am still loving every moment. The "learning" never ends. There is always a thread here that will catch my eye and give me new ideas or hints along the way. So grab a cuppa, pull your chair a little closer and enjoy!

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