Thunder...and maybe some rain?

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We just had this long....really long....low rumbling sound of thunder.'s been so long I didn't recognize what it was at first.  Even Pepper (dog) ran over to me and looked at me as if saying "what the heck was that?".   We ran out and moved all the patio cushions inside the shed just in case we actually got some rain. Yay!  I LOVE days like these and I never get them.  I have some sewing to do and this is the PERFECT weather.  Yay again! I apologize to any of you who have been deluged with rain lately, but I honestly can't remember the last time it rained here. 

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I know Kristina.  My cousin lives in Rapid City and they just got a couple of feet of snow and a blizzard dumped on them.  Destroyed a bunch of their really big trees.  Made a huge mess.  I felt bad for her, but I absolutely loved the pictures she posted on FB.  I used to live in eastern SD and I loved the winters.  I used to live in Portland and I loved the rain.  Now I live in central CA and I hardly ever see either...just eternal sunshine...well, except for the fog in winter.  Could do without the fog.  If you get some snow post a couple of pics for us "snow deprived" people.  Stay warm and safe.

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We are so blessed to have some rain the last 2 days.  The first day we had over 2", close to 2.5, and yesterday we got 4/10's of an inch.  We hadn't had rain in quite a while, so really needed it.  It left everything looking so pretty with the dust and gunk washed off.


The temps are real low, which I don't mind,  in the 60's, and should stay that way into next week.


Prayers for others who need it, to get rain, not snow or sleet.. I feel so bad about those in the snow belt this latest storm brought them.



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