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first, i want to say a HUGE thank you to all the well wishes for my recovery!! i'm finally seeing the light at the end of this tunnel.  i have a bone doctor's appointment Friday and i'm hoping for an "all clear" to get back to quilting....



AND for all those that have always wanted to get "inside my head"- here ya go...... not very exciting is it.... (told ya so) :huh:


notice the absence of any cobwebs :P


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Just what is it that was broken?  Do I remember right that it was the shoulder,

 collar bone and ribs that was the worst?


my colloarbone was broken by the seatbelt and i had 3-4 bruised ribs. i also have a vessel in my neck that is giving me some great comic relief: if i move just right i get wicked dizzy/spinney. i have puked once from the spins and almost passed out the other time. *fun times* :D  blood thinners are fun too!


why am i so fascinated by my Xrays!??  i love looking at how all my bones fit together. my favorite is the hyoid bone in the bilateral head shot.  maybe i was a doctor in a past life...


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Oh Ouch ouch and ouch. I broke my collar bone with a green stick break many years ago. You know, break it and then split the bone. I had a VW with s stick to drive. Right collar bone broken and I had to shift gears with my left hand! Every time i moved the bone would move apart. :(  BTW, no xray to share!


I'm so glad you will recover, well at least I hope you will! :P

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Doodle-bugger girly,,,  Ouchie ouch ouch on the collar bone!  So sorry you got in the auto accident, but I am so glad you are going to make a full recovery. I wanted to say by looking at your xray, you have a very pretty shaped head and nice big teeth! :rolleyes: ((hugs)) and get well soon. Sending lots of get well hugs and love from Alaska.

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