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Found it!! Looking to purchase a longarm close to Colorado

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I am thinking about purchasing a Lenni in California but really dread dealing with the packaging and shipping of the table (the seller has the box for the head).  Before I take that step, I am curious if there is a Lenni available for sale that has been lightly used within a one day drive of Denver, CO?  I am hoping for an age appropriate Lenni for a budget of around $6,000.  I would spend more if the machine is a larger model.  Thanks!  Kim

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I will be in Arizona California and Nevada in the next month

Picking up and moving machines, I will be leaving from

Michigan traveling to Phoenix the Sacramento then Reno, Las Vegas, then through Oklahoma, and back to Michigan

If you need help with pick up and delivery call me as long as its along my route if its off my planned route I charge .65 per mile one way

I will take down and set up in your home for 500.00

As well a train, I can also service the machine if need be for 150.00

Call anytime 24/7 Dave and deloa jones 269-767-2799

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Thanks Andrea.  I did see that listing and have emailed them a few times over the past two weeks with no response.  At this point I am assuming that someone else snatched it up before I discovered it.  

And thanks Dave, I will keep that in mind and widen my search.  

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Sorry sold this 10 minutes after I postedthis

I have a late 2005/2006 millienium for sale for 9500.00 it is fully loaded and ready to be delivered. It does not have the hydraulic lift but it can be added they are 1500.00 new but I do come acros them from time to time for around 800.00 I can buy a aftermarket one for 1000.00 it's the same one APQS uses but without their mark up the machine comes with the following

3 year warranty

Fabric advance

Hartley fence


Micro drive handles

12' table

Delivery/shipping free

Setup & training free


Overhead lighting 395.00

Hydraulic lift. 1000.00

Machine is ready to go if your interested let me know ASAP I will be listing it by Monday

Have a nice day



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