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I am patiently waiting for a new home for Gammill and she is still for sale.......................this is taking much longer than I had originally thought...........I really do not want another business venture as the one I currently own (teaching piano lessons to pay for my hobbies) takes more time so that I have less quilting time...........urrgggggg.

2 Longarms sitting in my studio is crimping my style and with DH on furlough I am fixing to teach him how to use it cuz I have 3 quilts waiting to be done for some military wives out of Ft. Levenworth KS that I do for FREE!!!



WE SOLD OUR HOUSE AND WE ARE MOVING!!!!!   :o    :unsure:    :blink: I can not imagine moving 2 longarms and a Grand Piano   :o 


SO, if you know of anyone looking for a gently used (3 years old) Gammill Vision 18/8, 12 ft table, please send them my way!!!!


I am looking forward to hearing from EVERYONE!!!!




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I haven't drove away yet...........spent all day packing up my studio and I am still not finished :P 

Trying to make sure that all serger threads are packed together, then embroidery threads and stabilizers, and I have yet to pack my quilting threads, and let's don't forget 2 large rolls of 90 wide batting and 2 large rolls 120 wide batting......the mover said 'what is that' :blink: 

DH says, over 1/2 of our total boxes will be my studio :D .  Monday I spent all day packing up my music books, yikes that was bad too :rolleyes: 6 book boxes of music and I am not done yet with that....I still have 2 boxes of music to pack that are in the the storage area, my last day of teaching piano lessons will be at the end of the month.

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When I moved to my "retirement bungalow" a year a half ago, most of the moving storage was my sewing room. I downsized all rooms excect that. I got rid alot of "dust colletors" but not one inch of materials, rulers, magazines, patterns, or anything in my creative places.

Would not change a thing. Oh yea, and I added my Millie to my place. Wouldn't change that either.

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