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Good finish to my garment competition year!

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I found the results for the Pacific International Quilt Festival and I won a 2nd on my orange outfit and a 3rd on my teal jacket. This show has the largest monetary awards for clothing and really tough competition. I feel very honored to have won.

It is also very interesting that Linda Thiefoldt (a really good and nice quilter) and I were in the same category using the same jacket pattern (I made my jacket first)! I received a 3rd and she received a Judge's Choice. However her jacket beat my orange outfit at MQS. Competition is just so mind boggling sometimes!

My red sparkly jacket will be hanging in Houston very soon. A very nice ending to my competition year!

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congratulations  on the wins.. You must have entered terrific work to just win..


I've not been confident enough to enter any big shows.. Just have to manage to

enter our next show in 2 years. 


You are a good example to the rest of us.  To reach to achieve.



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Go to the Mancuso website. Click on the Pacific Show. Then click on the 2013 quilt awards list. It will take you to another page that has a red "click here for awards" near the bottom left of that page. It is a little tricky.

If you made Promises Kept, I congratulate you on a Honorable Mention! This is a really competitive show....and international, too! I count any ribbon here a big win.

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Jennifer---yes yes yes--Promise Kept is my quilt--Now I have to go see if I can find it on the website!! You have so made my day--we were up at 4:30 this morning to load hogs and I am a bit slow--plus it is my DH 50th birthday today!! and it is harvest--so thanks so much for letting me know!!

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The Pacific show is really intense competition. It has lots of different garment awards and super duper quilters. Rami Kim (who has done 2 garment books for AQS) usually wins the top Best of Show garment award award. Gabriel Muniz who won runner up to Best of Show is a couture clothing designer. He reviews Paris and New York runway show as the good and the bad. He makes funny comments about the bad, really strange things that go down the runway! I think both these quilters use domestic machines for their garments so they can't enter long arm shows.

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