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Quilting on crazy quilt???

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Customer prefers inexpensive. I was going to stitch in the ditch except the plain pieces where she suggested a simple figure eight type swirl that I frequently do, but the ditch stitching will detract from the handwork. We both want the fabric and handwork to be the dominant feature and quilting just for its functions. Does that help? I thought I would use superiors invisible thread on the top. Backing is plain white.

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I have a gorgeous antique crazy quilt my grandmother pieced and embroidered by hand for my parent's wedding in 1944. She layered the quilt and then hand quilted an all over pattern on the quilt top and it really doesn't show on the top at all. The back is green satin that shows the quilting beautifully. I would think something large and open as Oma suggested would work wonderfully, especially in your invisible thread. Please post pics of your finished top.

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Crazy quilts classically are decorative, not usable. They were usually tied, not quilted. The "wow" came from the handwork and luxury fabrics.


If I was brought this I would suggest that she use her DSM and the bar-tack feature to tie it together. My machine has a diamond, square, and heart bar-tack feature. Tack along the tiny sashings and evenly within the blocks.


That said, since she wants it quilted and doesn't have a big budget, I would use invisible thread and crosshatch it--a nice width that hits all the corners and enough lines in between for a medium density-- 2 inches apart would be great if it fits. That will allow all the handwork to be the star.


If you don't have an easy way to crosshatch, a vertical and horizontal grid will work just as well as long as you can keep the piecing in line.

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I finished a a similar quilt a couple of weeks ago. I used the scallops board from CircleLord to finish it. Baptist Fan would look nice on these as well. I have another large one to do, I will raise the hopping foot on the next one.

Don't be afraid of it - just do it! I will try to post a picture of it tomorrow.

Joanne Flamand

Artistic Quilt Design

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