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has anyone changed out their hopping foot themselves? I'm needing some advice


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Hi all my friends from a while ago...,

I'm trying to exchange the original hopping foot for the newer exchangeable hopping foot.... and have no info about changing the bushings in order to allow the foot to have enough room to accommodate the space needed for the quilt to pass through....

Anyone have experience with this so I can get it to work????

I'm hoping so...... and thanks in advance, Lisel

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Yes I have done it, did you not get the instructions with it. If you didn't send me your email address and I will scan them and send them to you. If you are putting in the new foot with interchangeable feet, Amy stated that if you didn't mind sacrificing the old one she could tell you how to do it without having to retime. But I did it the other way.


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Hi Y'all...... thanks for the replies! 


My difficulty is that I cannot get the new interchangeable foot to give the space needed to allow the space needed for the quilt.  I was to have changed the bushing, they sent me 3 (?), but nowhere in the directions does it tell me what to do with them.  I'm guessing that I have to give the new foot a little more room to go further up to allow the space.  Anybody know about that????Any hint will help somehow.


Thanks a ton, Lisel

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hi..... I've now had a couple of phone chats with Amy, and we're getting there..... after helping me change the bushings it's ready to sew, that is if I could exchange the circuit for the new foot pedal, after which I can time the machine to get up and running.. the current glitch is that GEORGE doesn't seem to start up consistently.... that seems to maybe being a loose wire connecting everything to the new circuit board..... any ideas????

thanks for all the replies,


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  • 4 weeks later...

I'm back to announce that I completed the job, thanks to Amy's patience and clear instruction. So happy I was able to do it myself, even though it took over a month...... super patience was needed here...

now, I have a new problem: the stitch quality is horrible.... I have the tension balance but the stitches over all are tight, puckering the quilt, and, the stitches are showing an erratic line, instead of the beautiful line I had before I started the upgrade.

any suggestions? I'm hoping it's not a timing issue, but if it is any hints about doing it RIGHT????

thanks for you all in the forum...

Lisel in California

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