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Mary Kay

Stitch regulator question

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The other day I turned the stitch regulator on and started sewing and after about 8 inches or so I happened to notice a little bit bigger stitch which I really liked.  Well I forgot to turn on the speed control with that turtle thing.  I then turned that on and found my stitch got a bit smaller and I only go to about 11.  Does it hurt the machine if I don't put the speed control on can I just leave it off while in stitch regulated mode.   Thanks   Mary

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Mary I am assuming you have one of the older APQS machines if you have the turtle symbol.

When you first switch your machine on you will have a stitch about 8 stitches per inch in length, if you move the turtle further to the right your stitches will get smaller, if you have the stitch regulator switched on. You will know if you have the SR on as the machine will beep at you regularly.

If you do not have the SR on then the turtle indicates how fast the machine will stitch with you manually moving it, ie you are the one regulating the stitch length.

The new Generation of machines have a default stitch length of about 11 stitches per inch.

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