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Forum Elections: I want to nominate!

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Miss APQS: Linda Rech

Friendliest: Shana

Most Beautiful: Heidi (from NEW YORK)

Prettiest: Dory

Most Dependable: Rita

Most Likely to Succeed: Meg

Hardest Worker: Dawn C and company

Most Talented: Linda Rech (you can only win two awards now Linda)

Other entries?????

We can add to this list and I'd like to hear your nominations.

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Too hard for me to decide,  so a special award goes to all those who readily reply with suggestions, advice, and genuinely  care about everyone in this group. As well as the fun topics that make you smile and laugh. 


A grand bunch of quilters I say!!


So I'm going to give a whopping gold star to you all.   :)



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I can't think of a single one I'd eliminate, praise the Lord..


I can't think of any category to add:


Best bunch of Guys.. all of them,  Jim, Matt, Zeke, and pardon my lack of brain

power, the new guys, is it Gary, and ?   On prescribed steroids and in hosp.so the

thinking dept. really lacks.


Myself,  most often not explaining clearly..   it's the pits.


Oh just for the record:


I'm a mess I guess and I must confess

when I'm at my worst sometimes it's my


But the one consolation, when I fail the test

I'm no better or worse, I'm just like the rest!

Author Unknown.

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