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I would think it would depend on the decal.  IF it goes on with stick-it type, such as on the back of magnets, or

the kind that wet and smoothe on.  Some come with a water activated clear adhesive.    The tape we used,

double stick carpet type, I am pretty sure, damages the paint job.  Maybe some product like Un-Do would

help if put on tiny bit at a time, to saturate the whole area and release the glue.


The water stick method decals, should, with a lot of moisture, release.. if that's the case, some warm steam may help.


Good Luck,



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Here's how we removed decals and vinyl stickers when we did jobs. This will work without damaging the paint as long as you use nothing sharp (meaning the solution and applicator will do no harm to the surface).

1. Squeegie, the kind made for applying decals (like a thick credit card but smoother edges and made with a softer plastic )

2. Some Windex (must be the formula WITH ammonia), a little bit of added water, and a couple drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid mixed in a spray bottle.

3. Spray a bit on the edge of the decal/sticker and start budging/bumping the edge of it. Keep it moist with this mixture as you work the edges, and subsequently, the rest of it up. Can take some elbow grease if its an old decal. The slip of the soap along with the adhesive softening from the ammonia in the Windex is how this works. You can follow up with a citrus oil cleaner, like Goo Gone or something similar if any adhesive remains but this solution itself should, and usually does, the trick. WD40 will work, too, but just be very sure to have it all cleaned off prior to installing your new one.

This is what we used for our lettering jobs. Hope it helps you! It just takes a lot of elbow grease sometimes, especially if they are old or metallic ones.

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