Another Liberty vs. Millennium

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Well, we ordered a Millennium today! Oh, Boy!!!! :P

Now to get the remodel done. My husband got sidelined with other stuff yesterday so I spent the day (among other tasks) ripping carpet and carpet pad out of two bedrooms and throwing it out of the upstairs windows into the driveway. What fun!! I wanted to get to tearing out the sheetrock today, but my DH is not to hot on me doing that. We'll see. ;)

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I just bought my first LA, so I'm not an authority, but I was told that the weight of the machine is only a fraction of the ease of movement, and it is as though each pound adds only 0.1 pound difference. I was wondering why people didn't buy the bigger throat when there was only $1000 difference in price; less than 10% of the total cost.

Interestingly enough, the Nolting 30" head weighs 44 pounds, and the Gammill Optimum weighs over 70 pounds (I think it's 78). If anything, the Gammill seems to move just a tad easier, but I think it's because of their wheel and track system.

The only major brand machine I haven't seen yet is the APQS. They weren't represented at the last local quilt show, and my decision to purchase was sudden. I decided that I wanted something to fall back to if I got laid off, so I wanted to get my loan while I still had a job.

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