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These are pictures of a finished table topper made by my sister. She's a fairly new quilter. She and my younger sister have recently just begun to sew. Unfortunately they think it should be quilted in an hour or so once they give them to me. All in all I'm very proud of both of them. I've never done anything custom. I don't think it turned out too bad. I Still need lots of practice and need to figure out better continuous quilting lines so I don't have so many starts and stops! Thanks for looking. Sorry...not sure why pics are upside down. I'm on my iPad??



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Great job on your first custom!  Dawn has a great method for getting continuous curve done without stops and starts--think of it as a house, you must finish one floor before starting on another (one row of blocks), you must conquer each obstacle (wall, stairs) before going to the next "room."  Probably doesn't make sense but that's what I tell myself as I am quilting, "ok, there are stairs (a diagonal seam), I need to go up one side of that seam and down the other side of it before continuing across the "floor".  

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The quilting is great.. 


as for upside down photo's if you can send them to Paint, it has a feature to turn it around.  A handy feature.


Just keep going.  your feather petals are quite smooth,  and if I may say without hurting your feelings,

 they could be closer together, and not have open spaces.


The smoothness of the feathers curves is amazing.  I usually bobble lately, so went to a computer run quilting device. 


makes me look like I can really quilt.  Meds are causing the lack of control I need.. 


Keep it up,  you are heading to being a quilting expert, and don't fear, they make mistakes too..  even I on the computer.


((((((((((((((( hugs to you ))))))))))))))))))



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Thanks everyone. And yes Rita there are lots of gaps between the feathers. Learned a lot doing this for the first time. I have only practiced before and then just let go when I quilted this. I want to do MORE! Love them and I think with more practice I will find my "sweet" spot. I'm hoping anyway. The advice here is just awesome. Thanks to all of you for your help.

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