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We are preparing for a major cross country move, and it is cost prohibitive for me to include my studio in the move...


2005 Millie, well maintained, and serviced by APQS.  14 Ft long rail, auto advance.


Selling with Circle Lord, Quarted, Aztec, mini aztec, featherz border, ginko, cross hatch (9 in total),  and 4 Giant Boards, clam, swirls, square dance,fan, and more  

Paper Patterns (20+) from beginner to advanced.  4 Tote boxes of specialty threads. Machine quilting books, etc. Extra needles included. Everything you need and nothing you don't!


Total value over $22000, Asking $15,000 with Instruction and Delivery in the Atlanta market. 


SELLING Machine FOR $10,500

Shipping is up to you if you are over 2 hours away.


Please give Millie a good home! Use her often and well!



Cynthia Willard



PS I also have some HUGE, Beautiful quilt tops for sale...




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Sorry for not responding back sooner...I've been busy in 2014!


Ok, so will I sell items separately?  Prefer not to sell the CircleLord items before the Longarm. If the Longarm goes along, then of course the boards, stylus etc would be available.


So clarification:


If you ONLY want to take Millie home, $10,500  :) (pantos included)


If you want the complete set up, I'm asking $12,000.


If you are interested in individual items (Circle Lord, etc) make me an offer.  You have seen the prices on their website.


I've got a wee bit of wiggle room, but this is NOT a fire sale, and honestly, I have a really short fuse if buyers try to low-ball me on the price.  Just fair warning.  At my next garage sale, I plan on carrying a lighter so I can burn the item before handing it over for $1..... :o


Best if in the Atlanta, 200 mile radius as we can negotiate transport and set up is FREE.

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Dear everyone. 


I am not receiving notifications of your messages so, if you are interested I've posted my phone number for you to call.  Do not be shy, just call!


Also, my email address: cynmwillard@yahoo.com so you can contact me directly.


Thank you for your understanding....


Cynthia Willard

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King Size Boards, List is $329, I'd like $275, or $250 for 3 or more boards. I will post "Sale Pending" once I  have an offer and awaiting payment. Pleas be advised that the boards are stacked in cardboard and oversized for shipping. 


Circle Lord, list is $379, and I have multiple design templates (list is $69 each) Make an offer.




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