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I am using a pantograph for the first time on my Millie. I see there is a place to attach it on top, and what looks like at the rear right side, horizontally. I suppose the pantograph can only be loaded in back, but when I try to load it on that horizontal rod, it won't grip tightly and swings all over. How do I do this correctly?

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I had to find my stylus first to have a play with it.   I don't use it often at all.

The black circular knob can be used to ktighten the mounting on the laser post.  It can also be pushed in  so that you can slip the hole over the post it then grips the post better for you to tighten it.

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Are you tightening it when it's on the post or before putting it on?

I tighten mine before putting it on.

I adjust it so I have to squeeze it to get iton.

Then, when I stop squeezing, it stays put.

If I need to adjust it, I squeeze it to turn it.


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