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I keep getting quilts that batting isn't wide enough how do I make sure the custumer knows 10 inches wider backing and 4 inches wider for batting. The last quilt wasn't even wide enough. I am a slow earner. 2 I measured top after back on quilt frame . I have smarted up this time. But hate to have to call with quilts not finished does anyone have ideas

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Remind your customer what your preferences are when you first talk to them about taking their top for quilting. 

My benchmark is six inches wider for both backer and batting, but everyone can set the limit they're comfortable with.

And always measure all three pieces before you load.

I've managed to finish a job with micro-inches extra--but it's nerve-wracking and I hate to do it.

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I got one in last week with a half-inch extra on the sides and a whole inch on the ends. When I gave it back after quilting, I left the horrible blue fabric I had sewn on for extensions. She wanted to know what that was for. I explained I needed some extra fabric to grab on to. I told her when she trimmed the quilt, it would go away. I think from the look on her face the information sunk in.

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Perhaps a simple sheet of notebook paper with instructions in preparing the quilt, all parts, would make it a bit easier.


I'd also include at this time or on this form, the seams and how they are pressed, cut off loose threads, check seams to

be sure they are stitched, and any outter edge seams to make sure they are not coming open, etc.


So glad it gave her the big tip she needed.  and pray it helps you with other clients.



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