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Breaking/shredding thread

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My thread has started to break when I am going in a right to left direction.  Using Omni or So Fine.  I can see it twist on the needle then it breaks.  Shredding has become a problem also.  The worst with So Fine.  Do you think the machine is out of timing?  Doesn't break when using IQ, only manual. I have flipped the pigtails but that doesn't seem to solve the issue.  Can't find burrs and use several different bobbins so I don't think theres a problem w/bobbin or cases.  Can't seem to put my finger on the solution.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks-Marie

Marie Brewer

Pine Needle Quilting

Hermosa, SD

Mille Owner

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Thread shredding and breaking in the right to left direction is a common problem because of the way the needle flexes. In manual mode you move the machine much more quickly than the IQ moves the machine. That makes the needle and hook meet at a different location, allowing the hook point to catch only a partial section of the top thread loop formed on the back of the needle. That splits the thread and then starts the shredding. Try turning the needle slightly to the left, which positions the loop on the back of the needle better for the hook to find it is it comes around.


Here's a video that might help, too:


Needle Flex and Tension


APQS Customer Service & Education Director


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