Victorian Whole Cloth Stockings - Finished!!

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Wheewww!!  For a small project, I have about 8 hours of quilting alone in each of these stockings.  Then several evenings of work for beading, and hand sewing down the vintage lace binding and ruffle...but...I'm done!!!  My daughters stockings are ready and waiting for Santa to come and fill with presents!!!  They have never had stockings before, so they are pretty excited!  LOL  I'm not gonna lie, so am I!!!   :)


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Haha - thank you Deb!  They took me 8 hours of quilting for EACH!  LOL  So more like, 32 hours of quilting...and then maybe 6 hours of hand sewing?  I suppose in the realm of machine quilting that isn't too bad though...



They are just gorgeous!!! And it only took you 8 hours, thats pretty fast, probably would've took me days.

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