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Black fabrics

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I'm quilting a huge black and white chevron quilt for a client and the fabrics are not prewashed. During each quilting session, I'm having to clean my hopping foot and my hands and ruler a couple of times as the black fabric is transferring its color.  :(  All the fabrics she used are top quality quilt shop fabrics and it is a gift she made for her granddaughter for Christmas. Should I mention using Retayne (edited: Synthrapol) when she washes the quilt or not mention it at all?? What would you do?

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She should wash it with lots of color catcher and white terry cloth to capture lots of migrating dyes.

Cory's suggestion is right on. She should do both things.  Retayne and Color catchers. Color catchers have saved many a quilt made with fabric that was not pre-washed. You can get them at the grocery store.  She is going to wash the quilt eventually so she will need this information.

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Synthrapol is the solution that dyers use to remove excess un-set dye from their fabric.

Retayne is the solution to use to set the dye that is left after all excess is removed.

Use both--readily available at quilt shops and on-line.

Treat with Synthrapol first and as many times as it takes for the rinse water to be clear. Then treat as directed with Retayne.

Color Catchers are a great idea to send home with the quilt--just as a back-up plan.

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Thanks a million for explaining exactly how to use these products.  I need to fix a spot of dye transfer on one of my own quilts.  I always pre-wash my fabrics so I don't have to do this correction stuff.  I must not have washed the finished quilt with a color catcher, but I think I did..

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