CompuQuilter is no longer in business

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As a long loyal CompuQuilter owner, their site says they are out of business. I am sorry they weren't able to reconfigure their business after the health issues. Does anyone have a clue how to get hardware support for existing product?


Linda Fuller Silver

Newport News VA

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Linda and Sue, we are also disappointed that CQ has closed its doors and provide support. While APQS cannot help with software issues easily, we may be able to help in some instances with hardware problems. Just give us a call if the need arises and if at all possible we will help APQS customers who bought their systems through us. Of course it will depend on availability of parts for us as well--technology in the computer world changes so quickly that it's difficult to find parts for anything for an extended period. That is why computer system warranties are normally only one year. Thanks!

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Their page is up and running, and this is a copy 'n paste of what I found on their "about" page -


On April 15, 2013, Stan and Dee Dee retired to care for family health issues. They closed the parent company S & D Stitches, Inc. Butch Wiseley who has been Operations Manager for 10 years opened a new company named Odyssey Quilting Machines and the CompuQuilter, KenQuilt and StitchRite brands were passed to the new company.

Odyssey Quilting Machines officially opened for business on 5/6/2013. Butch continues to draw on the experience of Stan, Dee Dee and Patrick, our programmer.

Contact us at:

5203 Hwy 94 N
Rogers, AR 72756

(479) 636-0444

Or log in and use our contact form.



(PS - Dawn, working in IT related areas since the early 80s, a year is a VERY long time with "computers". We have to apply patches and updates pretty much every week, major updates and patches every month to several applications and Windows. Maintenance is never-ending. Things change daily - at times more often.  Tablets, phones, computers, all obsolete when you pass through the doors after paying for them. The general rule of thumb was that anyone working in IT typically stayed with an employer for less than 5 years. I used to spec out and "design" the computers that controlled turbo-compressor control systems sold by the company I worked for then. I dealt directly with the company that made the motherboards we used. They were a company started and owned by Koreans based in California. Their head engineer told me the most commonly used portions of their health insurance plan were the mental health parts. It was such a high-stress field due to the insanely intense competition many of them suffered breakdowns after a year or so.)

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You need to refer to the main page at the top:


S & D Stitches, Inc. has closed it's doors as Stan and Dee Dee retire to care for family.

This site will continue unmaintained since it was already paid in advance. We will not monitor emails, phones, forums or other such features of this site.

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I saw the writing on the wall last June 2013 from the former SD Stitches / Odyssey letter they sent out. I really wondered then what the future of this company would be. I needed to call them with a question in Nov/Dec of 2013 and to my dismay I found out that they had close their doors to support and parts. My CompuQuilter was running great at that time, but I figured it would only be a matter of time before a major issue would leave me without a working computerized longarm or anyone to fix it. I figured this would be a good time to upgrade to a Quilt Path and keep everything in the APQS family. I had my Millennium tuned up and picked up my Quilt Path package at Carroll in mid March and just finished my first quilt job this afternoon 04-03-14. I am far from being comfortable with Quilt path as I was with CompuQuilter. I know these things take time but I am dizzy from trying to understand Quilt Path. I wish that this new system was more like my old one. Perhaps some upgrades for Quilt Path will come to make the transition more comfortable for consumers who will be making the transition.

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I will have to make a decision in the future too, but for now my CQ is still working.  


Must admit the Quilt Path demo baffled me, and I don't think there is one close for me to see in real life.


I'm sure it will be fine for you soon, as the saying goes "PPP'.



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The upgrades for Quilt Path make improvements each time!!!  They keep making it better and better.  :wub:  They are listening to consumers and have a list of items to add/change but they can't do everything at once.  The list is prioritized and the staff at APQS keeps on top of changes and requests.  Make sure that you "Like" the Quilt Path user facebook page as several of the Quilt Path owners post frequently and discuss things they have learned to do. 

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Your list of suggestions is likely the same as what they already have...  You are most welcome to start a thread on here.  Recently someone started one posting their wish list for ideas/changes to the machines and a few others added to it.  The forum is monitored often by APQS staff such as Dawn and Mark (They also add their comments to certain topics from time to time :))  I have also learned that what I am trying to do is actually something that Quilt Path can do, but I am just going about it wrong.  Yes, it is different than your old CQ and change is hard (especially for us older folks).  I LOVE that Quilt Path can read my CQ patterns as it reads so many different formats which CQ and IQ cannot do!!

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For all of you using Compuquilter systems:  Intelliquilter has just announced that they will be taking over supporting CQ systems.  The owner of Intelliquilter, Zoltan, said that support is one of the most important aspects of a computerized system and therefore has agreed to provide this.  Hope this helps those of you who have continued to run your CQ's!



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Hello Everyone,


Recently set my Millie/CQ up after 3 years in storage.  It is unfortunate to hear about the losing of CQ business entity.  So has anyone tried to upgrade to the quilt path, is that even possible with a 2006 Millie/CQ equipment?

Thank you in advance.




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Hi all,

I wrote the controls software (Indexer LPT) for the Compuquilter which operates its hardware at the lowest level. Stan Townzen wrote the application software which interacts with Indexer LPT.  I have been able to provisionally provide support as a consultant  for Compuquilters since Stan's passing , and I  have been successful in running (though not exhaustively testing, since I do not own a Compuquilter machine) Stan's software under a Windows look-alike system that I had written under Linux. Linux is the OS which I had chosen since the entire  system can be backed up and restored in a manner that is not dependent on operating system licensing, and thus more suitable for maintaining software dependent, expensive equipment.

Most of the details relating to Compuquilter electronics can be found on the Ability Systems web site at through online instructional videos and the Indexer LPT manual, which can be downloaded for free. I can be reached via Email at


Arthur Volta

Ability Systems Corporation



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