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I had to do one once that was too wide for my 12 foot tables. I did just like you thought to do. I folded in part of it and quilted it, then repinned the whole thing and quilted the rest. Not sure if that's the proper way to do it, but it worked for me.  Of course I had very thin batting. Not sure how it would work with thicker batting, it might roll up really wonky.  Mine wasn't too bad.

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That size backer maxes out my leaders on my 12' frame, so you have my sympathy.

My thought is give it a try as you have described. You may need to quilt in "quadrants"  with a re-load for each corner. As Teresa says, the double batting/top off to the side will soon distort the quilting field as it adds bulk and presses down on the backer.


I've done this once and will never do it again--just my experience. But I bet we'll be in the same club when you finish it!. 

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I have just had the same problem and with the extend of more fabric and batting on one side I could not get the quilt backing straight already

in the first row,

so I phoned the client and told her I could not do her quilt, in the end with took the other border off and it just worked ! the quilt is now

6" smaller...



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On my little 10 foot frame....if I ran out of leader.....but still would have room so I could access the machine for bobbin changes etc....I would off center everything...even made an "Offcenter Center" mark in red pigma pen so I knew where it was on all three leaders....I can't remember how many inches over it was.....then I would pin everything on....but where the backing did not extend far enough...I would take some blue painters tape and just tape the backing to the roller...I suppose you could also tape a "mini" leader to one end and pin the backing to that....just so you have enough room to park your machine on one side of the frame.  I usually semi float my tops......so that top has not been an issue....at the other end, I just pinned the bottom edge of top and taped the backing again to the roller when it got that far....Lin

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I have done a large king size quilt on my ten foot table.  I started pinning on one side, went as far as I could, folded the fabric over, quilted the "good" side, then re-pinned moving it all over so I could get the "folded" side.  It was a hassle, but I will likely do it again.  Of course it was not for a customer, it was a gift I was making for a friend of the family.  It did not show that I had kind of fudged things and the receivers were delighted with the result. I used a flat cotton batting.  If I were to do so for a customer I would want them to understand the risks and maybe even sign a waiver first.

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I have two quilts for a very good customer.  I have a 10 ft frame...the quilts are 115" wide & with the backing being 125" wide...I was going to try the folding under, but the batting would be an issue, as mentioned.


I want to thank everyone here who posted... I think I'll do what I first planned...remove one side of the blocks (24" blocks) down...and quilt in two sections.. will have a seam in the backing...but it's there, I just have to remove it...quilt both sections, and rejoin.  I'll do blind seam down the back, like a Quilt as you go.  Extra work, but should work just fine.


If it were anyone else, these two tops would not get done.  This is one of my best customers, keeps me in quilts, pays and tips nicely! 


Sometimes my 30 years in Customer Service gets me doing stuff I usually wouldn't do.  I know this lady will appreciate the extra it's taking.  We have discussed this for a good hour...thinking outside the box...and this is what we came up with.


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