Pictures of the finished "wine/whine" quilt

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Wowser.  That's some quitling you did LInda.  


Won't it be fun a year from now to check in with your new friend/former customer to hear her say.....Linda, how did you do that, it's amazing?!  And know that she has learned some of what you tried to teach her while using her own longarm....I'm just saying, what goes around....

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Linda, beautiful job! I had to smile when I read Lisa's post. I think back to a couple of my first quilts and wonder what a long armer would have thought about quilting them. The first I'm sure would have not resembled "square" in the slightest. You truly are amazing. I agree with LindaSteller that you may be doing more for her in the future  :)

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So the saying 'It's a needle, not a magic wand' isn't true. What wonderful magic you have made with that quilt. Beautiful quilting that doesn't even hint at the problems with the top pre quilting. Lots of people, your customer included wouldn't understand the level of skill required to achieve that spectacular result. You're an amazing quilter, thanks for sharing.

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